March 1, 2024

CCleaner is finally more comprehensive: Hard Disk Cleaner gets a major update

CCleaner is finally more comprehensive: Hard Disk Cleaner gets a major update

Is your computer slowing down and causing long wait times for even simple tasks? If so, you should rid the system of unnecessary data. The right assistant for this task is CCleaner. The popular free tool can now be used in the new version Version 5.89.1 Loading.

As is now common with cleaning programs, the . file adware version, the Portable version And free of ads Slim Variant updated. Our recommendation: stay away from the adware variant – it only brings annoying ads to your computer. Get the portable version of CCleaner or the Slim version instead.

CCleaner 5.89: This is new in PC Cleaner

CCleaner: A new version is now available.

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update on Version 5.89.1 It brings an important fix that should satisfy many users: Now PC Cleaner can finally delete cookies from Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera or even the internal browser CCleaner Browser to be created.

This wasn’t possible for a while because Chromium suddenly saved cookies somewhere else after the update than before. There was a similar issue in Firefox when it was installed via the Microsoft Store – but now the cleanup works there too. The developers are still fixing other apps that have the same problem.

To install the update, download it CCleaner in current version Download and run setup. The previous version was simply overwritten, and it is not necessary to uninstall the previous installation. You can see all the changes in detail in the file Register the official change on the official website read.

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