June 21, 2024

CB-Fotowettbewerb: Im Oktober bahnen sich Fotos von Eisenbahnbrücken an

CB Photo Contest: Railroad Bridge Photos Coming in October

The ComputerBase Community Monthly Photo Contest is moving to the next round. In October 2022, recordings are being sought on the topic “Railway bridges”; As usual, photos can be sent up to the 20th of the month.

The community member arrived last August proxy 1 It ranked first out of 40 entries submitted again with surprising speed. His photo of the illuminated lava cave in Lanzarote, including the reflection of the water, taken with the Google Pixel 6 and standard camera settings, got 20 percent of the votes. As usual, he was entitled to draw up the substantive framework for the following month – and signed the decision on the topic “Railway Bridge”.

The winning photo of the September 2022 photography competition on the topic “mobile phone shots” (Photo: Agent 1)

Accordingly, all interested community members are requested to send an email to register and with railway bridges by October 20, 2022, along with their username in the ComputerBase Forum to the initiator the_nickel to send it. proxy 1 There are no special camera model or post processing restrictions. This means that batch designs containing up to four images are theoretically allowed.

As a next topic, I would like the “Railway Bridge” as this is my hometown landmark.

Community member “Agent 1”

Terms of Participation and Voting

Each member of the Registered Community is allowed to submit a privately captured photo of any age, which, however, has not yet been submitted to a previous photo contest or otherwise posted on the ComputerBase Forum. Recordings with the same idea as the already posted image from a slightly different perspective are also undesirable. As usual, graphics, drawn images, or performances are not allowed.

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On October 21st, an anonymous vote will begin initially among all community members for everyone, but no more than the first 40 photos submitted – the forum software does not allow more items in the poll. In order to protect the anonymity of the participants, images will be reduced to a maximum of 2560 pixels in length and width and EXIF ​​data will be removed if necessary. The winner, to be decided by October 30 at the latest, can once again decide the monthly theme for the next round.