Cathay Pacific re-opens a lounge in London

Very surprisingly, Cathay Pacific is reopening its Business and First Class lounge at London Heathrow Airport, although it is not even served by flights.

After the airline’s main airport business class lounge closed recently, the lounge at London Heathrow is now reopening, somewhat surprisingly, despite the uncertainty that Cathay Pacific in particular currently has to overcome. as King According to the report, business and first class passengers can now visit the lounge in Terminal 3 again.

Back in no time

The Hong Kong government recently issued a landing ban for flights from eight countries, including Great Britain. Crossing is prohibited for travelers from 150 countries for at least one month. Therefore, the reopening of the Cathay Pacific lounge at London Heathrow comes as a huge surprise, also due to the significantly reduced emergency flight schedule, which the airline can currently only operate. Even London does not appear in this picture. However, passengers of oneworld airlines using Terminal 3 at Britain’s largest airport will be delighted with the reopening.

Cathay Pacific Airlines

Business and First Class passengers can now visit the exclusive lounge again between 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., with both lounge areas accessible again. This means that First Class passengers and all members of the oneworld alliance program can access a separate area near Gate 11. The public area of ​​the lounge is available to business class guests and oneworld sapphire members. In one fell swoop, exclusive guests of oneworld airlines will once again have access to a variety of lounge options in London.

Qantas Lounge Singapore Seating

Qantas recently reopened its International Business Lounge, also located in Terminal 3. All oneworld guests will once again be able to choose from a wide range of exclusive airport lounges in both British Airways’ Terminal 5 and Terminal 3. Cathay Pacific has kept its Heathrow terminal completely closed since the pandemic began. With the relaxation of UK travel regulations, it can be assumed that demand from oneworld airlines will rise again and that Cathay Pacific will at least be able to generate some revenue.

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Conclusion about reopening

Nearly two years later, Cathay Pacific opened the exclusive lounge at London Heathrow Airport, popular with frequent flyers. After Qantas also recently reopened a lounge here, premium passengers on oneworld airlines are now at a loss when it comes to lounge visits. Because the Cathay Pacific Lounge can also be entered again. However, this move comes as a surprise. The airline had to significantly reduce its flight schedule and even close the business class lounge “berth” at its home airport. However, demand in London appears to have returned – good news for travelers who will be using the UK’s largest airport for their flights in the future.

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