Letter: Easton residents rally to support children separated from families

To the Editor: A number of Easton residents, among them Easton Democratic Selectman Bob Lessler, attended the “Families Belong Together” rally at Fairfield Green on Saturday, June 30. One of 700 events held nationwide, the gathering was held to protest the current administration’s separation of children from their families as a deterrent for illegal border crossings. In response to outrage expressed across the country and across party lines, the president recently signed an executive order terminating the policy, yet has left uncertain the fate of some 2,000 traumatized children and their agonized parents currently held in detention centers.     The … Read more

Letter: Easton first selectman explains appointment process

To the Editor: In a July 3 story in the Aspetuck News, Ira Kaplan referred to my response to his request to be appointed to the Easton Board of Selectmen. Below is my response. Statute 9-222 pushes the replacement process in the direction of replacing an outgoing selectman with someone from the same party. The BOS has 30 days to make a replacement, after that it goes to a committee of elected officials who belong to the same party as the outgoing selectman, in this case Republican. So, while I don’t know the exact outcome at this point, that’s the … Read more

Letter: All people have the right to an opinion

To the Editor: I would like to remind the writer of last week’s letter regarding what “Local Republicans should do,” that we still live in a democracy. Further, we all have the right to an opinion, to support a candidate, and that some of us still have the ability to formulate that opinion without his deigning assistance. Chris Dahm Umpawaug Road, Redding

Letter: Thank you, Redding voters for supporting the schools and town

To the Editor: Thank you to the 2,276 voters who voted in the third referendum on the Redding school (K-8) and town budgets on June 26. And, a special thank you to those voters who supported the schools and town. The school budget lost many special after-school programs and also important special help sessions. Hopefully, we can understand the reasons that some voters indicated “no” three times so that we do not further diminish the quality educational programs that this town has always provided and cherished. William Brown Lonetown Road, Redding

Letter: Church golf outing was a big success

To the Editor: The First Church of Christ, Congregational, “The Church at the Center” in Redding, would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time, treasure and most important, their fellowship, to make our charity golf outing fund-raiser a huge success on June 18. In addition to support from our own church members, many non-church neighbors and local merchants made donations that helped to insure success. We had a beautiful day full of great fun, food and fellowship. Our host, the Redding Country Club, did an outstanding job as always. Funds raised at this event will benefit our church greatly … Read more

Letter: Local Republicans should speak up about national leadership

To the Editor: Trust is a valuable commodity. Too often we waste it on politicians we elect. Then, instead of admitting our mistake, we petulantly double down. The result has been an unprincipled demagogue with childish behavior degrading the Presidential office with a Cabinet of deplorable, lying sycophants. Occasionally, a real voice is heard: General McCaffery noting Trump’s the “serious threat to U.S. national security” and Secretary of State Tillerson admitting Trump is a moron. Deterring asylum seekers by punishing their families was the announced game plan when building those “summer camps” — internment camps to keep “the vermin” from … Read more

Letter: People should have the right to clap and be heard

To the Editor: If the goal of the June 20 public conversation in Easton about a town center and the revisions to the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) was an effort to get a sense of the townspeople’s opinions, telling us that we should refrain from clapping clearly flies in the face of that goal. Some people are not comfortable speaking in public, but will clap to show support of a position. In a democracy, we, the people, are supposed to have a say. Additionally, when people attempted to speak about zoning violations that have gone unchecked, they … Read more

Letter: Easton first selectman should respect nominating process

To the Editor: Easton Republicans must call First Selectman Adam Dunsby to account for acting outside the bylaws of the Easton Republican Town Committee (ERTC) in filling the vacancy on the Board of Selectmen. By state statute, the BOS had 30 days to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Selectman Carolyn Colangelo. During that 30-day period the ERTC performed due diligence in interviewing and vetting candidates to recommend to Adam Dunsby. However, Mr. Dunsby, who was nominated by the ERTC and elected by its efforts and the votes of Easton Republicans, with full knowledge that the nominating committee was … Read more

Letter: Thank you to all who helped with patio for Weston seniors

To the Editor: On behalf of all of us at the Weston Senior Center, we want to thank everyone involved in our new back patio. We are so grateful to Cypress Landscape of Westport, who donated all of the time and materials to clean up and replant new bushes, Chris Spaulding’s Weston Progress Fund, Heather and Anthony McNulty, Edina Field, and Judy Lee for donating funds to purchase all of the outdoor furniture, and Dawn Egan for helping us to organize the donations. Weston Progress Fund services organizations outside of the government realm but are no less important to our … Read more

Letters: Vote yes on the Redding budget

Letters in support of the Redding budget vote on Tuesday, June 26 I am writing to encourage friends and neighbors in Redding to come out on Tuesday, June 26, and vote yes to support our children, our Board of Education, and our town. If you, like me, will be out of town or otherwise not able to make it to the polls during voting hours, remember to pick up an absentee ballot application and complete an absentee ballot. The whole process, from application to completion of the ballot, takes about 10 minutes. If you need information on the process, go … Read more

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