Conscious Cook: When spring comes marching in

“The stormy March has come at last, With wind, and cloud, and changing skies; I hear the rushing of the blast, That through the snowy valley flies … For thou, to northern lands again, The glad and glorious sun dost bring, And thou hast joined the gentle train And wear’st the gentle name of Spring” — William Cullen Bryant With March comes the joyful prospect that winter is nearly done and a conscious cook’s thoughts can turn to spring. The lighter, luscious flavors of a new season will be a delightful tonic to the senses and the system. As the … Read more

Conscious Cook: Slow and steady

Slow and Steady Vegetable Stew

“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow, A frost-mailed warrior Striding a shadowy steed of snow.” — Edgar Fawcett The New Year is here, and with it, a desire to detox and decompress from the mega merrymaking of the holidays. Refreshing, restoring and rejuvenating the body and mind becomes of paramount importance with the beginning of a new year. Deeply warming and nourishing foods will help reset your system and return your focus to a welcome state of wellness. Satisfying soups and stews, nutty grains, healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and naturally … Read more

Conscious Cook: The glory of a new year

“Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man his Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.” — Martin Luther New Year’s Eve is a glorious occasion to reflect upon the past year, to cherish fond memories, acknowledge important events, and be humbled and educated by challenging moments. With the new year comes new opportunity to prepare a delicious life. While many choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a sparkling soirée or decadent dinner party, many conscious cooks choose to revel in their own kitchens. New Year’s Eve at … Read more

Conscious Cook: Cooking up a healthy, peaceful holiday

“Peace is the first thing the angels sang. Peace is the nurse of love. Peace is the mother of unity. Peace is the rest of blessed souls. Peace is the dwelling place of eternity.” —Leo the Great Finding peace and goodwill in your heart and towards our fellow men and women can be a challenge during the holiday season. Expectation levels run so very high during these few frantic weeks and patience levels can wane amidst the cyclone of activity. Traffic congestion, long lines in stores, banks and the post office and a multitude of social gatherings can be very … Read more

Conscious Cook: Comfort in the kitchen

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” — John Ruskin Your kitchen is a central location for preparing a delicious life. Gathering with friends and family, especially during the holiday season, allows for the preparation of great pleasure, for mind, body and spirit. I think that perhaps there is no other place in the home, that offers a more warming, cozy and loving atmosphere. During the colder months when days darken early, preparing fresh, hearty dishes from ripe and ready ingredients is a significant way to share gustatory goodness while re-establishing healthy habits. Cheerfully bubbling pots of stew … Read more

Conscious Cook: Pass the gravy and the gratitude

“Gratitude produces deep, abiding joy because we know that God is working in us, even through difficulties.” —Dr. Charles Stanley An entire day devoted to giving thanks — what a deeply delightful concept! The Thanksgiving holiday can be considered a true beacon of hope, reminding us all that no matter what darkness we face, there is always a bit of light somewhere, inviting us to say “thank you.” There is a great need in our world to reconnect with gratitude and recognize our blessings. Gratitude is a powerful thought process that will activate a conscious cycle of contentment. I like … Read more

Conscious Cook: Keeping It Simple

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness and truth.” — Leo Tolstoy After all the excitement of Halloween is over, the costumes packed away and the last of the super sugary and sinfully sweet indulgences have been digested, it’s time for a bit of stomach soothing simplicity. Oatmeal is one of the most soothing and satisfying of simple meals. Whether quickly whipped up in the microwave, prepared on the stove top or simmered overnight in a slow cooker, oatmeal is simple to prepare and ever so satisfying. Made from oat groats, oatmeal is either coarsely ground or … Read more

The Conscious Cook: The goodness of the great pumpkin

“I’ve learned there are three things you don’t discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin.” — Linus Van Pelt Whether heaped in great, gleaming piles at farmers’ markets, or adorning front porches with their scary, spooky, smiley faces, pumpkins are synonymous with October! Pumpkins range in size from petite, creamy white specimens to gargantuan orange globes. Ever so useful as autumnal décor, pumpkins are a versatile and vital source of healthy nutrition. This festive fall fruit offers a rich source of vitamin C and potassium, both of which may be effective at lowering the risk of heart disease, … Read more

The Conscious Cook: The perfection of pears

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” -Lauren DeStefano Fall is a season full of lush abundance. The lightness of summer yields to spicier selections and a return to roasting, baking and long, slow simmering. The foods of fall are slightly heavier with rich, robust flavor. Brilliant orange pumpkin, dark green winter squash, shiny purple figs, juicy, crisp apples and luscious, ripe pears usher in a new menu of savory sensations. Pears are particularly lovely with their undulating … Read more

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