October 4, 2023

Capcom says Pragmata is making 'steady' strides

Capcom says Pragmata is making ‘steady’ strides

Capcom has a new status update on their new IP pragmata Published, and still in the works. It was recently said that the release is aimed at 2022.

I jüngsten integrated report came pragmata At least briefly on the language, which, according to Capcom, is making “steady progress”. Young talents are working on the project with new ideas in which they participate pragmata Get an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through practical experience. Working on new and important IP addresses is ideal for this.

As far as is known

pragmata It is an action-adventure game for PS5 and Xbox Series X set in a dystopian world on the surface of the moon in the near future. According to Capcom, the title follows a deep story set against a picturesque backdrop, and the goal is to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of the next generation of hardware. The goal is to build a new core franchise out of it.

“Our development team is working hard on this brand new title, leveraging next generation technologies like ray tracing to create a stunning and immersive sci-fi environment like never before.”


Except for the short sentence, there is no additional material or information about it pragmata. It also remains unclear whether the requested version can be kept next year.

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