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Canadian teacher fights for recognition in Thuringia

Claudia Gotze, MDR Thuringia

March 19, 2023 at 2:52 pm

In Rotberg, in the Anstrut-Heinich district, students collect signatures for their teacher Daniel Brady. Born in Canada, she has been fighting for her Canadian teaching degree in Thuringia since 2015.

In Rotberg in the Anstrut-Heinich district, students have collected more than 100 signatures for their teacher, Daniel Brady. Born in Canada, he has been fighting since 2015 to be recognized not only as a chemist but also as an English teacher in Thuringia. At the moment, the 36-year-old is considered a side entry and a subject teacher, so he is not allowed to be a civil servant.

Students at the comprehensive school have collected more than 100 signatures, making Daniel Brady recognized as a full teacher.
Image credit: MDR/Claudia Götze

Brady completed a chemistry and social science teaching degree in Western Canada in 2010. However, he practiced only in Germany. He first came to Germany to play ice hockey for a year. But things turned out differently: he met the love of his life and started a family. He feels at home in Rodberg. “This is my second home and it is slowly becoming my real home. I feel really integrated. Students, colleagues, parents and the village made it easy for me”.

Only English teacher in the school

But his “e-certificate is not recognized in Thuringia,” says Brady. Neither did his second major social studies. Because Canada’s political system is different, the ministry says. “The difference isn’t that big,” Brady thinks.

Electronic teacher certificates from Canada are not recognized in Thuringia.
Image credit: MDR/Claudia Götze

The problem is described in the MDR broadcast

Brady told his story on January 16, 2023 on the MDR television program Fakt ist! including Education Minister Helmut Hölder. The leftist politician promised to find a solution. “I’ll do my best because I think it’s a mistake to treat colleagues who bring with them more knowledge and experience as lateral entrants.”

Lots of emails – but no solution

Brady says he had extensive email correspondence with the ministry after the show. They re-examined the case and stuck to it: He was only a subject teacher; His English was unrecognized and his social studies were lacking. He was allowed to continue as a chemistry teacher, but not as a two-subject teacher.

The Ministry requires proof of practicality from Canada

The Thuringian ministry is now seeking certification from Canada for Daniel Brady’s practical teaching activities. But, he went directly to Germany after completing his studies, so he completed his internship in Germany. “I studied teaching in Canada and cleared all the state exams. I worked in Germany for five years and completed all my assignments here with good results to the satisfaction of my superiors,” says Brady. Canada will only certify training hours in Canada.

Daniel Brady came to Germany right after his government exams. He fell in love and stayed.
Image credit: MDR/Claudia Götze

Settlement with the Thuringian Ministry only

Mr Brady is a dedicated and valued teacher and of course we are passionate about every person in the organisation. He has also been in school service in Thuringia for a long time. So we want to talk to him again.

Lisa Bönsel | A spokesperson for the Thuringian Ministry of Education

There is no problem with the latter qualification

Daniel Brady said he would have no problem completing post-qualification studies, for example in the field of didactics, or to fulfill other requirements. The search for a solution should not take too long.

Daniel Brady enjoys his school. He would be very reluctant to move to another federal state.
Image credit: MDR/Claudia Götze

“In other states, the law is a little different,” Brady noted. They will also validate his digital certificate. Hessen, for example, is 15 kilometers from where Brady lives. An alternative he was reluctant to consider.

120 signatures collected by his students in a week and a half should be handed over to the school administration. Because children want their favorite teacher to stay and be recognized as an English teacher and not be paid like a side entrant.

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