June 20, 2024

Canadian farmer supplies millions of potatoes

In the Canadian province of Manitoba, a group of volunteers overcame a major challenge: They distributed 12 million pounds (about 5.4 million kilograms) of potatoes from farmer Isaiah Hofer’s farm.

Hofer’s harvest was so bountiful that after all delivery obligations were met, he still had 10 million pounds of potatoes left over. “People who have been in the field for 40 years have never seen anything like this,” Hofer said. He may have left them to rot or used them as animal fodder. Instead, he chose to give them to those in need.

Hofer’s decision was supported by an email from the Keystone Potato Growers Association. Launched the FarmLink project – an American food charity. FarmLink emerged during the pandemic and connects surplus food farms with food banks.

With the help of a few other farmers, Hofer was eventually able to donate 12 million pounds of his potatoes to Farmling. This is what the “GoodNewsNetwork” reports.

Together with Farmling’s Kate Nelson, Hofer began developing a plan to distribute the excess potatoes. Their first port of call is Foodsharing Ottawa.

The challenge was organizing the logistics to transport the large quantities of potatoes. But with the help of a few contacts and a lot of volunteer work, they finally succeeded.

In all, 115 truckloads of potatoes left Hofer’s farm and were distributed to food banks and charities across North America. Even as far as San Diego, California. “Together we actually supported 50 local organizations across the city,” Wendy Leung told the CBC. She is the volunteer executive director of Food Share Ottawa.

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