October 5, 2023

Canadian affected by "climate change"

Canadian affected by “climate change”

A Canadian doctor makes history with a diagnosis. He diagnosed ‘climate change’ in a patient based on her symptoms.

The basics in brief

  • In British Columbia, a doctor diagnosed “climate change” in a patient.
  • She suffered from the heat wave and had severe breathing difficulties.
  • There has never been a diagnosis like this before.

The premiere in medicine! A Canadian doctor diagnosed “climate change” in a 70-year-old patient. But how does it work?

The Canadian retiree came to Kootenay Lake Hospital in British Columbia with breathing difficulties. According to the attending physician, Dr. Kyle Merritt, Climate Responsible.

Extreme summer heat in Canada

In addition to poor air quality, heat waves would have contributed to breathing problems. Canada experienced one of the hottest countries in history last summer. Various fires followed a long period of heat. This degrades the air quality.

“All of her health issues have worsened and she is struggling to stay hydrated,” the doctor told the Times Colonist. Experts’ numbers fit, too: About 500 people have fallen victim to record temperatures in Canada.

Doctor Blames Climate Change

This was the first time Merritt had made climate responsible for a patient’s condition. He explains his reasoning as follows:

“If we don’t look for the causes and treat only the symptoms, we will be left further and further behind. I am just trying to process what I see.”

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