July 15, 2024

Canada’s promising technology startups |  Foreign companies

Canada’s promising technology startups | Foreign companies

The opening scene has a great reputation in the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC). Most of the founders are drawn to the coastal cities of Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria on Vancouver Island. Because of its vibrant technology community, Vancouver is often referred to as Techouver. Companies like Slack and Flickr are not surprised to see daylight here (see text below).

Universities in British Columbia (UBC) and the University of Victoria (UVic) often act as incubators and provide start-up support through infrastructure and networking with experts and sponsors. UBC has two seed funds, one of the most promising in UBC start-ups. Focuses on technology and social impact. Since the inception of the fund, investments have been made in 22 start-ups. This includes Richmond-based Ideon technology, which has developed X-ray technology that can be used to detect undeveloped metal and mineral deposits beneath the Earth’s surface. The company has raised $ 2.4 million in four rounds of funding to date.

Infrastructure monitoring by drone

UVic’s latest success story includes Nirixon software, which has raised over $ 2 million in seed capital through five rounds of funding in two years and now employs 25 people. The company specializes in aerial surveillance of infrastructure. For this purpose, the founders have developed software that evaluates the data collected by the drone in real time. The system provides comprehensive visual, thermal and acoustic analysis of concrete structures such as bridges, buildings or dams, allowing for frequent inspection of property, which improves maintenance. Based on Victoria, Niricson software operates in Canada, the United States and Australia, where it is growing exponentially. The company expects to get about a hundred jobs by the end of next year as it becomes global.

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