February 28, 2024

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Canada wants to compensate Aboriginal children with 28 billion euros

Canada has allocated C$40 billion (about €28 billion) to compensate Aboriginal children and their families for transferring them to boarding schools. The country has been preoccupied with the matter for months.

Payment of compensation will start once the legal process is completed. According to Minister Responsible Patti Hajdu, they should benefit about 55,000 children and enable basic childcare reform.

Separated, forced, tormented

Until 1996, Aboriginal children in Canada were separated from their families and sent to boarding schools. There they were sometimes beaten, sexually abused and malnourished. The goal was to “educate” them in the culture of the white majority.

On September 29, the Canadian Federal Court upheld a 2016 ruling that the government is underfunded for Aboriginal childcare compared to non-Indigenous children. According to the court, members of the “First Nations” who were sent to boarding schools as children for some kind of re-education will be compensated with 40,000 Canadian dollars (about 27,900 euros). The case created tension between the First Nations and the government.

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