June 21, 2024

Canada vs. Switzerland in the World Men's Curling Championship

Canada vs. Switzerland in the World Men’s Curling Championship

Calgary – A robbery and unexpected force put Canadian Brendan Butcher in the position he wanted against Switzerland on Sunday at the World Curling Championships BKT Tires and OK Tire.

After tying with a hammer at the extra end, the surprising mistake of his first loss to competition proved costly.

Butcher was easy going in his last draw when Peter de Cruz scored a 6–4 win over Markin McPhail Center.

It’s a shot I like to have a lot, “Metzger said.

His Edmonton-based team, Darren Mulding, Brad Thiessen, and Carrick Martin took a break when fourth Swiss Benoit Schwartz scored his first rockfall in the ninth goal.

This sealed hope in Schwartz’s double attempt to break the Swiss corner and give Canada a steal and lead 4-3.

Metzger forced Schwartz to take one shot at ten in order to prepare things well in the extra end. However, with a centerline stone above the four-foot-long ring, Butcher had to throw a little wider than usual.

There’s always a little question mark when eating extra ice cream, Butcher said. Will it be a little faster or will it be a little slower?

“At the end of the day, I think we knew the timing was right, I threw it a little.”

De Cruz improved to 4-0 after seven draws, while Butcher fell 3-1.

Butcher, who scored the lowest number of eight men with 78 percent, gave up an early heist against De Cruz twice, but managed to equalize in the seventh final.

“I think we could have done some better things in this match, but that was a long week,” Molding said. “You will make mistakes.

“I also don’t know if it is realistic to enter this event at 0-15 hours. You bear the loss and move on.”

De Cruz moved to first place with the Norwegian Stephen Walstad.

“It was a very good match,” said de Cruz. They are a very strong team. When Canada plays in the big events, you know it’s the match that will be on the schedule when you watch it.

“We are very happy and will be enjoying this a little.”

Butcher played a six-way match and ended the match 3-1 in the afternoon against Dutchman Jaap van Dorp.

Italian Joel Reintinz defeated German Sesto Teotec 9: 3, Sweden’s Niklas Eden beat Sergey Glukhov of the Russian Curling Federation 8: 7. American John Schuster doubled Utah Matsumura of Japan in the other early game by 10: 5.

The evening lottery is set for Sunday. The game continues on the Robin Tour until Friday afternoon.

The best quarter-final winners from 14 teams will win the semi-finals on Saturday. Teams 3 to 6 compete in the playoffs against the winners to reach the final four.

The medal matches will be held on April 11th. The top six teams will also win rural real estate at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Eden defeated Canadian Kevin Coy in the 2019 World Cup Final in Lethbridge, Alta. The 2020 event has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Spectators are not permitted in the WinSport Arena, as has been the case in recent Canadian men, women and mixed doubles tournaments.

The next Grand Slam tournament comes on the bubble agenda ahead of the Women’s World Qualifiers at the end of April.

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