July 16, 2024

Canada: Vandalism of churches is on the rise

Canada: Vandalism of churches is on the rise

Vancouver police are investigating another case of vandalism. St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church on Sunday was smeared with orange graffiti on the walls.

Vancouver police said last week that there has been a significant increase in attacks on local churches in the past two months. Since June 2, 13 cases of vandalism against churches and church property have been investigated. Not only were the windows smashed – there were also threats to set fire to the buildings.

At least six churches in British Columbia have been destroyed or damaged in the past few weeks.

Children’s cemeteries in Canada…

It is believed that increased cases of vandalism against churches could be related to the discovery of unidentified children’s graves near former schools of Aboriginal children, which are run mostly by Catholic churches. Schools were notorious for overcrowding, poor sanitation, and unhealthy food. Students who spoke their mother tongue or attended traditional ceremonies were severely punished.

(ctv news-skr)

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