May 19, 2024

Canada: UPS employee steals iPhones and more worth €890,000

Opportunity Makes Thieves: An employee at a United Parcel Service (UPS) warehouse allegedly stole hundreds of Apple products within six months, which were then sorted into packages and shipped. The case took place in Winnipeg, Canada, and the damages were about 1.3 million Canadian dollars, which is about 890,000 euros at the current exchange rate.


According to a report by Canadian TV channel Global, now 30-year-old Orville Martires, b. A total of 866 individual Apple products. His job as a “local sorting supervisor” was to monitor the distribution of individual packages so that they could be delivered. UPS fired the man in January. According to court documents, the crimes occurred between July 2023 and January 2024.

B. Kijiji sold products through the marketplace (in Germany: eBay Kleinanzeigen) and accepted cash and electronic transfers there. Between September and January only, b. He paid 232,000 Canadian dollars (just 158,000 euros) in cash into his bank accounts. He was arrested on January 22 and initially charged with theft (C$5,000 and under C$5,000), possession of stolen property and possession of proceeds of crime.

B. allegedly used the proceeds of the theft to buy a house in Winnipeg and pay off a loan on a white Audi. During the raid, cash, an Apple notebook and expensive jewelery – stolen from the UPS warehouse – were seized. B. He confessed his act to the police. The authorities have applied to confiscate his accounts, money, car, house and other assets.

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The theft came to light after an investigation launched by UPS in December. A parcel service provider has noticed that a particularly large number of Apple products are missing from the warehouse. After installing security cameras, B. Finally caught – he stole goods from a pallet that was supposed to be shipped to Ontario. According to the indictment, he allegedly stole more than 120 personal iPhones during a single shift in January.


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