October 4, 2023

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Canada: Trapped miners climb 10 hours

The rescue of 39 trapped miners has begun successfully in eastern Canada. After being stuck in a mine in Ontario for more than a day, they began their astonishing climb to the summit yesterday (local time).

According to the “Toronto Star” and the BBC, the miners have taken their first steps on a ladder system more than one kilometer long. Tied with belts, they must climb for ten hours – every hundred meters there should be a break. They are supported by the rescue team.

One would expect to bring everyone to the rooftop during the night (local time). According to various media reports, the first miners have already appeared.

Unable to use Transmission System

On Sunday, the Brazilian company Vale announced that a container lowered into the depths had disintegrated and blocked the entrance to the entrance in the process. As a result, the “transport system” that transports workers to the surface and to the mine cannot be used. She added that food was available and no one was hurt.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said his thoughts were with the miners. “We understand that this rescue operation will take some time and are very relieved to hear that the miners are currently safe,” he wrote on Twitter.

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The mine opened in Worthington in 2014 – according to the company’s website, it was the first mine to open in the area in 40 years. The mine produces copper, nickel and precious metals and employs about 200 people.