December 2, 2023

Canada took two golds when Blouin and McMorris won the world titles on ice

Canada took two golds when Blouin and McMorris won the world titles on ice

Canada won two golds in the spectacular figure skating match when Laurie Blowyn and Mark McMorris won their events at the World Figure Skating and Freestyle Championships in Aspen, Colorado on Tuesday.

Max Parrott of Bromont, Q., was ranked third on the podium and second in the men in Canada.

Stoneham, KEO, Plowen clinched the second gold in her World Championship career. She also won both worlds in diagonal swimming in 2017.

The 24-year-old Blouin, silver medalist at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, scored 177.75 points, beating New Zealand’s Zoe Sadowski Senott, 2021 world champion (176.76).

Watch | Ploen Rises to Gold:

Lori Plowen of Stoneham, Q, took first place in the women’s figure skating competition at the World Championships. 3:13

Japanese Miyabi Onitsuka (174.75) won the bronze medal.

Reginas McMorris had 179.25 points, while Parrot had 178.25 points.

Norwegian Marcus Cleveland, 2021 men’s figure skating champion (176.25), was third.

The 27-year-old MacMorris won two Olympic bronze medals in bizarre style.

Biopachten | Gold McMorris in Aspen:

Citizen of Regina Mark Morris wins the men’s event at the World Skateboarding Championships. 3:49

Watch | Parrot sitting on silver:

Parrot, Max Bromont, K. He won second place in the men’s figure skating world championships. 2:55

Canadian Edouard Therriault previously had his first World Championships medal and won the silver at the Freeski Big Air event.

Lauren, who was born in Kuwait, finished two points behind the gold medal behind Sweden’s Olior Magnuson, who was the last contender to score 185.25 points and take the third and final jump.

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Swiss was followed by Kim Goebser in third place, who finished the year with 180.75 points.

Canadian Evan McCarran came in fifth with a score of 178.75.

Watch | Edward Terriault, a native of Quebec, won a silver medal in the main aerial skating event at the world premiere:

Edward Terriault of Lauren, Q., saved his best in the past, scoring 93.50 in the final jump for a silver medal in the men’s grand aerial event at the FIS World Freestyle Skating Championships in Aspen, Colorado. 2:18

In the women’s category, Canadian Megan Oldham ranked fourth with 158.75 points.

Watch | Megan Oldham, a native of Ontario, is lagging behind her ambitions for a fourth-place medal:

Megan Oldham got a chance to win a silver in her final jump. She crashed out of Barry Sound, UNT, and finished fourth in the women’s major aerial event at the FIS World Freestyle Skating Championships in Aspen, Colorado. 2:44

Russian Anastasia Tatalina blew up the competition on her way to the gold medal with 184.50. And behind her stood Russian Lana Prosakova, with a score of 165.50, and Chinese Eileen Joe, who won the bronze medal, a score of 161.50.

Watch | Russian Anastasia Tatalina blows the sky in competition on her way to her first medal in the professional championship:

Russian Anastasia Tatalina won the Grand Prix of the Women’s Freestyle World Championship at the FIS World Championships in Aspen, Colorado without completing her third jump, which she did just for fun. 3:04

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