Canada: Prime Minister calls on Catholics to defend indigenous peoples

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has urged the country’s Catholic worshipers to demand that the church respond to the bodies found in former boarding schools. Canada is very interested in operations.

As a Catholic, Trudeau told a news conference that he was “disappointed by the decision the Catholic Church has made now and in recent years. He called on the Church to take responsibility for its role,” which is why Pope Francis has asked.

In December, the Pope wants to receive a group of Indigenous Canadians. This was recently announced by the country’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference. It is hoped that the meeting will lead to “a shared future of peace and harmony between the indigenous peoples and the Catholic Church in Canada”. For their part, the bishops were stunned by the discoveries of the flesh.

President of the Canadian Bishops’ Conference Pope Francis said he thinks he’s ready to do itTo apologize to the indigenous peoples for the previous role of the Catholic Church in the country’s home system.

More than 4,000 Aboriginal children are missing

In recent weeks, indigenous descendants have discovered more than 1,000 bodies of children in unmarked graves on the grounds of former re-education centres. According to the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission, more than 4,100 children are missing.

After the discoveries, many Catholic churches caught fire and were vandalized. No one is hurt.

(Canada / Vatican News – GS)

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