Canada: Maple syrup is running out – Falstaff

French-speaking province Quebec Produced in Canada Nearly three-quarters of the world’s maple syrup stock And he also has Only the strategic reserve in the world. This supply of more than 45 million kilograms of syrup aims to ensure the consumption of sweets Always at fixed prices Even if production is negatively affected by bad weather in some years.

As US radio producer NPR reported, maple syrup producers in Quebec will now Almost 23 million kilograms – about half of their reserves – because spring is shorter and warmer than usual means that producers Can’t harvest enough maplesto keep up with demand.

The pandemic has helped us because we see it People cook more at home and use more local produce“,”

A spokeswoman for the group, Helen Normandin, told Bloomberg. “Demand is not only growing in Quebec.” So, in 2022 Seven million new clicks for maple trees Established to ensure the supply of syrup to consumers. This is becoming increasingly popular as an accompaniment to pancakes, porridge, fried meat, and vegetables. It was this year An average year, not a bad year for maple production In Quebec – with an estimated harvest of about 60 million kilograms.

While many have never heard of the strategic maple reserves, it is not the first time that it has made headlines. In 2012, nearly 3000 tons of liquid gold Stolen from stockpiles worth about 19 million Canadian dollars (about 13 million Swiss francs), which went down in history as the “Great Canadian Maple Syrup Theft”.

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