June 20, 2024

Canada Introduces Mandatory Automatic Lights: An End to Flying Blindness

Canada Introduces Mandatory Automatic Lights: An End to Flying Blindness

Canada introduces mandatory automatic headlights
The end of blind flight

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Canada has introduced a slate for the long-awaited 2021/2022 winter season also for Europe. Auto light switch turns on low beam automatically when it’s dark – otherwise leaving appliances in the dark.

It is not uncommon, especially in the fall and winter, to encounter cars driving on the road in the late afternoon, evening, or night without their headlights turned on. The problem is not new, but it has become worse in recent years as there are more and more vehicles on the road with LED daytime running lights. This sometimes causes the area in front of the vehicle to become so bright when starting the vehicle that shadowy drivers will think their normal driving lights are on. Dimmed headlights are especially common in the inner cities of major cities in car sharing cars. The reason for this is obvious, because often drivers do not know the car in question and are not familiar with the driving functions. The problem is aggravated by the fact that most modern car cockpits are brightly lit. This means that when you get into the car, the instruments behind the steering wheel shine brightly. This also enhances the impression, especially in the case of uninterested or inexperienced drivers, that the headlights or dipped beams are turned on at the same time. Accordingly, the subsequent flight sometimes turns into a dangerous game, because the daylight is no longer a boundary light in the front and there is absolutely nothing lit in the back. Some drivers do not notice this, especially in brightly lit inner cities, even on long trips.

In September 2021, Canada introduced a long-awaited regulation with the Canadian Vehicle Lighting Regulation “See and See”, under which all newly registered vehicles must have automatic headlights. This means that when it gets dark, the low light turns on automatically. This automatic lighting control system has also been installed in new cars in the USA and Europe for many years. However, automatic light is only one of the various lighting functions and can be turned on or off accordingly. This is no longer possible in Canada – the lighting function is mandatory on new models when starting the car.

But Canada’s regulation is going a step further with the new regulation. Since instruments have been lighting up here for many years when the ignition switch is turned or the start button is pressed, many have traveled through Canada and not even noticed that the low beam hasn’t turned on. The new regulation states that instruments must remain dark as long as the headlights are not turned on. This applies at least to those vehicles that are not on the road with a fully movable cockpit, otherwise they will be completely black without driving lights. In Canada, the regulation applies not only to all cars registered after September 1, 2021, but also to vans, vans and motorcycles.

A lot is currently happening in North America when it comes to car lighting. The Matrix LED headlights, which scare off oncoming traffic and adapt their lighting to the environment, have only been approved in Canada for about a year. After many delays, the US is also considering whether to release this functionality, which has been available in Europe for years, thus invalidating a mild vehicle regulation that has been in place since 1968.