June 23, 2024

Canada has qualified for the World Cup for the second time since 1986

Canada has qualified for the World Cup for the second time since 1986

Canada took the final step and qualified for the World Cup for the second time in history – and finished first in the finals in North and Central America rather than the United States and Mexico.

Qatar can look forward to Canada: Thanks to Tajon Buchanan, the country has only won its second World Cup ticket.
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One point would have been enough for the Canadians, but instead, at the BMO Field in Toronto, the hosts did a short job of leaving Jamaica out of the draw in the final round.

The nation, coached by John Hertman, an Englishman who has always been ahead of two big and well-known football teams from the United States and Mexico, pushed the guest back from the start. With many titles of energy, creativity and more, Canada has always approached Blake’s case. Opening goal: After Eustachio’s excellent pass, Lorraine’s cool in front of goal and makes it 1-0 (13th minute).

The only blame that can be made against favorites: changing chances was so bad that only Lorraine could have put up a three-pack. But it took Buchanan until the 44th minute to dispel his last doubt about his participation in the World Cup. With the loving help of the Jamaican player Mariappa, the attacker moved the ball directly with his head in front of his feet, got the ball and pushed it over the line from close range as 2-0 (44th).

A former St. Paulian also meets and celebrates

The second broke down 45 minutes later into a show at Toronto’s insane asylum – including two icing on the cake on this historic day: first, Hoylet, who previously worked for FC Saint Paul’s between 2008 and 2009 (now FC Reading), processed the ball. Leaving well in the penalty area, he normally finished 3-0 with a flowing movement in the right corner (82nd). The final point went to Jamaica’s unfortunate Mariappa, who sent a cross pass to his own goal without any problems (88 ‘).

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Canada took a 4-0 lead, however the result on the scoreboard was not a bar. Most important: With these three, the country participated in the first World Cup since 1986 (early round in Mexico) – now expect the Winter World Cup in Qatar.

Goals and cards

1: 0Lorraine (13 ‘)

2-0Buchanan (44 ‘)

3-0hollett (82 ‘)

4-0Mariappa (88 ‘, own goal)





Blake-Richard King, Mariappa Ricardo Thomas – Brown Williams, Morrison, Lee – Ataparoi Bygrave, Daniel Michael Green Nicholas Nelson

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