October 5, 2023

Airport test suspension in Canada

Canada has extended entry rules until the end of September

The Government of Canada has extended the existing entry regulations.

On Wednesday, the Canadian government announced it would continue to maintain existing entry and border regulations. as Breaking Travel News It has been reported that these regulations will remain in force at least till September 30.

Entry rules will remain in effect until at least September

Canada has been allowing vaccinated people to enter the country without screening since early April. Random checks have also been suspended since June. It is still difficult for unvaccinated travelers to enter the North American country. You should be tested before departure and on the 1st and 8th day after arrival. A 14-day quarantine is also mandatory, with few exceptions.

Canadian flag Pavel Schwandner Unsplash
Anyone arriving on board must also register via the ArriveCAN app.

Additionally, almost all passengers must check-in through the ArriveCAN app. Travel information must be submitted 72 hours prior to entry or upon boarding a cruise ship bound for Canada.

Today’s announcement would not have been possible without continued efforts by Canadians to vaccinate themselves, wear masks and follow public health advice when traveling. Our government’s commitment will be to protect commuters, employees and their communities from the impacts of COVID-19, while keeping our transport system strong, efficient and resilient for the long term.

Omar Alcabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport

The Canadian government continues to warn about the virus and reminds us that the Covid pandemic is far from over. An announcement of an extension of Canada’s “relaxed” entry rules is also possible as Canadians get vaccinated, wear masks and follow public health advice when traveling, the transport minister said.

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Decision on extension of rules of entry into Canada

Canada continues to adhere to its clear policy to combat the Covid pandemic and expand its entry rules. Vaccinated people are still at ease and can enter the country without being tested. For unvaccinated travelers, this is still time-consuming and, with some exceptions, entry is linked to a 14-day quarantine.

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