July 14, 2024

Canada expands vaccination requirements for travelers

Canada expands vaccination requirements for travelers

The border with the US has already been opened, and other countries will follow in September. The vaccination requirement for travel will be extended after only one month.

Canada opened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers in August, but initially to Americans. After a month, foreign travelers must also be allowed to enter the country. Now the Canadian government has expanded vaccination requirements for all travelers in October, such as daily news mentioned. You can find out what that means here.

No trip without vaccination

Canada is serious. In the next step towards opening borders, the government is expanding compulsory vaccination. More precisely, this applies to all travelers who travel by plane, ship or train within Canada. This was announced by the Minister of Transport, Omar Al-Ghubra. The new regulation will be implemented in October. This leaves only private car trips without the need for vaccination. All excursions by plane, ship or train may only be made with appropriate proof, otherwise carriage will be refused.

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However, the new regulation will not have any consequences for foreign travelers. Currently, only fully vaccinated Americans have been allowed to travel to Canada since August 9. The prerequisite is that the vaccination is carried out with a recognized vaccine and that the full vaccination was already two weeks in the past. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden in the United States has refused such a compulsory vaccination. At the same time, some US states impose similar restrictions. New York hotels only allow fully vaccinated people to stay overnight.

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Final details are still missing

Just one month later – on September 7 – more travelers from other countries will be allowed to travel to Canada. The above conditions also apply to them – however, quarantine should no longer be mandatory. Both Americans and travelers from other countries are encouraged to upload relevant data and evidence to a health platform called ArriveCAN. This message is especially important for travelers from Germany.

United States of America

However, a stable infection process should remain a prerequisite for opening borders to other countries. So the final decision should follow on September 7 in August, provided that one has made preliminary experiments with opening the borders to the Americans. By the way, children under the age of twelve do not have to prove protection from vaccination in either case. But they also have to upload their data into the ArriveCAN app.

Conclusion on the expansion of compulsory vaccination

Canada expands vaccination requirements in October. After that, all passengers traveling by plane, ship or train within Canada must prove that they have received the full vaccination. However, this should not affect foreign travelers. Entry into Canada will only be made with proof of vaccination in any case. More details about the opening of international borders in September are still pending.