June 23, 2024

Canada Confuses Especially Hard Butter - Jigsaw

Canada Confuses Especially Hard Butter – Jigsaw

Butter is usually very hard, as anyone who owns a refrigerator knows. In general, you only have a problem with butter. For example, it is often taken from bread. No wonder, as it makes nearly everything tastier. Which brings us to our next point: They contain a lot of calories. The only thing butter can’t help with is the thing next to the bread, which is supposed to always land on the ground, as Murphy’s Law states. This was long ago disproved, and it’s due to the height of the table, not the weight of the butter. I didn’t do her any good.

But let’s get back to the first problem: hard butter is an issue that should not be underestimated. “Hardcore Butter” yielded 29 million Google search results, several search terms like “social justice” or “discrimination,” and even more than “vaccine problems.”

So far the excitement has been confined to private families. However, the #buttergate hashtag has recently spread widely on social networks in Canada: it has been claimed that butter has been a particularly tough case there for months, even at room temperature it cannot spread. Columnists ask when the butter crisis began, dairy farmers set up working groups. One theory: Farmers mix palm oil in their cows’ feed to meet growing demand – yes, Canadians are also using the pandemic to try new bread recipes.

So what’s the good news now? It doesn’t seem like they have any other big concerns in Canada. So everything is fine.

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