March 3, 2024

Canada Altmünster - Meets visiting art hosts

Canada Altmünster – Meets visiting art hosts

ALTMUENSTER. Andrew Judd travels to Altmanster, one of the big names in the Canadian art scene, and prepares to head to Culture 2024 with gallery owner Angelica Toma.

Andrew Judd was born in Toronto in 1958 and graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1979. He has since lived with his wife Renu Sarov in Hamilton – Montreal and Vienna, where he works as an art director, illustrator and illustrator. He makes archive images and exhibits his works in galleries around the world. From 2000 to 2021 Andrew Judd hosted several solo exhibitions and successfully participated in several group exhibitions in Toronto, Prague, Vienna, New Mexico and London.

His paintings impress Imposto color application, color harmony and story context, especially in Vienna Cafe films. He often tells his art students: “… do not tell the whole story”, that is: “Do not tell the whole story, let the viewer develop his story further in the pictures.”

His major awards include: Gold Medal of the College of Art, Ontario, Gold Award, Plane Air Saloon 2021 “Best Oil”, and second place in “The McMichael Plain Air Contest” in 2021. In addition to lecturing in art schools, Andrew also conducts art clubs and associations, giving workshops and individual lessons.

The award-winning film “Best Oil” is now owned by Altmanster painter / gallery artist Angelica Toma and is named after the famous “Cafe Havelka” in Vienna.

Exhibition of images in the gallery22

As part of the European Cultural Capital 2024 Bad Ischl and Salzkamergut, gallery owner Angelica Toma will be displaying four paintings by the artist at her Galerie22 in Altmünster, in addition to the one provided above. In addition, new works are displayed and presented to the public.

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This is the reason why I went to Altmünster to get to know the artist Angelica Toma personally and to plan a joint exhibition called “Speakelbuilder”. Also, Andrew Judd “What is Art?” Will conduct a workshop and group discussion on.

Of course, during this first visit to the Transcend region, he extensively admired the landscape at Kundnerberg in Altmanster – all of which were captured in pictures for later projects.