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Canada also gets a song contest

Canada also gets a song contest

Status: 04/28/2022 10:44 am

After the United States, Canada is now becoming part of the Eurovision family. The actions of ten Canadian provinces and three regions will be performed in Eurovision Canada in 2023.

According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), there will be a series of qualifying shows and finals on prime time on Canadian television. Martin Österdahl, Managing Director of Eurovision Song Contest, said that the unique tradition of Eurovision Song Contest dates back 67 years and continues to grow in its global popularity.

“It’s time for Canada to attend this party and play globally. The love for music is global and we can not rejoice in any other art form in a way that unites people across diverse music genres and celebration of boundaries. Have found the best partners. ”
Martin Asterdal, Managing Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest

Canadian music scenes are excellent

Celine Dion of Canada won the ESC in Dublin in 1988 for Switzerland.

Along with superstar Celine Dion, the Canadians also have an ESC winner. Although competing for Switzerland in Dublin in 1988. He beat Great Britain (UK) by one point with “Ne bardes pass sans moi”. But Canada is also proud of many world stars: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Sarah McLaughlin and Shania Twain, to name a few, include high quality Canadian music exports.

Imagine this goes to ESC and Justin Bieber

More information about the broadcasters, participants and evaluators will follow in the next few weeks. Eurovision Canada is unlikely to come up with Justin Bieber, Drake or The Weekend next year.

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