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Initial result: Sutter makes it 5: 3.Image: Keystone

Two rest days are good for the Swiss. Switzerland, who beat Canada 6-3 in Helsinki, are the only team not to lose a single point in the World Cup in Finland and are aiming for a team victory.

The team of national coach Patrick Fischer impressed many. The mixed games of 3: 2 (Tuesday) against Kazakhstan and 5: 3 against Slovakia (Wednesday) in the middle of last week were forgotten. Although Timo Meyer was five minutes behind Switzerland 224 seconds later, this time the discipline was just right. The mayor took the penalty with great enthusiasm – and it was only against Switzerland until the 52nd minute. The idea of ​​being as hard and aggressive as the first games, but of behaving a little smarter and smarter was implemented.

The Swiss turned on Siegesstrasse in the second division. Nico Hisier put the Swiss ahead for the first time in the 27th minute with a second power play goal (4: 3). The Swiss again reconciled with a majority and scored two goals from three power play chances. At the start of the second period Canada was unable to use its strong point before conceding a goal as 3-4.

The Swiss took the lead in the 27th minute but laid the foundation for victory in the first half. The Swiss got their first fantastic performance by easily crossing the five-minute deficit in the beginning and could have taken the lead with less than a man in the snow (two big chances).

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Three defender goals

After all, the Swiss game initially tolerated the fact that they did not go right for themselves. A first Swiss goal (by Nico Hisier) was later canceled (video referee).

This result could have been different. The Swiss then trailed three times – were able to react immediately three times. 59 seconds after 0: 1, 82 seconds after 1: 2 and 48 seconds after 2: 3, the Swiss were able to equalize again. Michael Fora (1: 1) and Jonas Sechendler (3: 3) scored their first goals in the World Cup. In between, Dean Kugan (2: 2) scored for both Fora and a defender Seigentollar.

Later, however, the Swiss strikers also showed their best class. Nico Hischier at 4: 3 and Pius Suter at 5: 3 confirmed the victory, proving why they continued to set off attacking accents in the National Hockey League. Timo Meyer increased the lead to 6: 3 with a shot into the empty goal. Leonardo Genoni was also impressed with the Swiss goal, although the champion goalie scored two goals in the first half, which annoyed him. But Jenoni, who was ahead of the goal for the third time in the fifth game (and should be No. 1 in the rest of the match), put off the wrong start and showed his usual calm after the first break.

Against France on Sunday

Also noteworthy: Andres Ambul played his 120th World Cup match and topped this “eternal” rankings ahead of German defender Legend Udo Keesling. Ambuhal believed in his record game, even though he could not get any scorer points. But he worked as hard as ever and twice conceded Canadian penalties.

Switzerland’s World Cup continues against France on Sunday evening. However, it is already clear that the team will play against Switzerland for victory on Tuesday morning (11.20am). Victory over the Germans ensured Eisenhower first place after the opening round – no matter how the game against France ended.

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The biggest challenge for the Swiss team in the remaining days of the World Cup is to act as they did in every game against Canada – there will no longer be two consecutive days off. In the first half of the World Cup, after a successful start against Italy and Denmark, the form curve dropped significantly. It should not happen in the second week with the first quarter, semifinal and final on Thursday.

Canada 3-6 Switzerland (3-3, 0-1, 0-2)
Helsinki. – 5676 visitors. – SR Heikkinen / Ohlund (FIN / SWE), Davis / Spur (USA / CZE). –
Gates: 12 Johnson (Parcel, Graves) 1-0. 13. Fora (Mayor, Khurashev) 1: 1. 15. Lori (Exclude Fatherson!) 2-1. 16. Kugan (Hisher, Corvey / Exclusion Fatherson) 2: 2. 20. (19:03) Fatherson (parcel) 3-2. 20. (19:51) Sigenthaler (Sutter, Malkin) 3: 3. 27. Hisier (Kugan / Exclude Anderson) 3: 4. 44. Flame (Malkin, Simeon / Penalty Indicated) 3: 5. 59. Mayer 3: 6 (into the empty gate).
Sentence: 4 times 2 minutes against Canada, 2 times 2 additions 5 minutes against Switzerland (Mayor).
Canada: Thomson; Severson, Sunheim; Whitecloud, Sabot; Holden, Graves; Mayo; Roy, Dubois, Cossans; Anderson, Lori, Chillinger; Fatherson, Parcel, Johnson; Kiki, Mercer, Comtois; O’Dell.
Switzerland: Genoni; Kugan, Sechendler; Fora, Janice Moser; Glaser, Geyser; Perch; Ambul, Corvey, Herzog; Khurashev, Hisier, mayor; Simeon, Malkin, Sutter; Thürkauf, Bertschy, Scherwey; riat.
Notes: Switzerland without Mardi (sick), Miranda, Ferra (both extra) and Ashleyman (backup goalkeeper). – Ambul honored for 120th World Cup match (World Record). – Hisier’s 10th goal not allowed due to goalkeeper inability. – 38th Cross Bar Comtois. – Shots: Canada 25 (12-7-6); Switzerland 27 (13-5-9). – Power Play Yield: Canada 0/3; Switzerland 2/4.

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Top Pictures of Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 in Finland


Top Pictures of Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 in Finland

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