June 24, 2024

Canada: 750 Tesla Superchargers open to third-party brands in the future

Tesla will also open up part of its Supercharger network for electric vehicles from other manufacturers in Canada. According to the Canadian government, a total of 750 existing and new Tesla poles will be available to third-party brands by the end of 2025.

The announcement follows a statement from the Government of Canada regarding grants for more than 3,000 new chargers in the province of Ontario. Accordingly, out of a total of 750 supercharger shafts available for cars of all manufacturers, there must be at least 350 units with an output power of 250 kW, that is, the so-called V3 superchargers. The opening will be ensured “by a combination of retrofitting and new construction,” she says. A supercharging route open to electric vehicle drivers between Sudbury and Ottawa will be tested later this year.

At the beginning of March, Tesla officially opened its Supercharger Network in the USA for non-Tesla cars. CCS-capable electric cars can now be charged at “selected poles” via so-called “magic basins”. Tesla began outfitting its superchargers with CCS adapters after the fast charging standard became an eligibility requirement for poles in the United States.

According to the US government in March, Tesla will have at least 7,500 of its superchargers and destination chargers “available to all electric vehicles” in the US by the end of 2024, including at least 3,500 V3 Superchargers. And: Tesla wants to double its supercharger network in the USA by the end of 2024. This can be done now with money from Washington.

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The latest and most surprising development on the subject to date is a new Tesla-Ford collaboration that affects both superchargers in Canada and those in the USA: Ford will install a Tesla charging connection in its new electric cars from 2025 and sometime early spring. 2024 Ford Stromers must be able to access Tesla Superchargers with inverters in the USA and Canada via their own FordPass and Ford Pro Intelligence services (not via the Tesla app like other brands). Ford CEO Jim Farley said late last week that Ford drivers “will have access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in the United States and Canada beginning next year.” This value exceeds the information promised by the respective governments on the number of open superchargers in the future.
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