July 12, 2024

Can Canada beat Germany as well?  Attractive World Cup Duel – BZ Berlin

Can Canada beat Germany as well? Attractive World Cup Duel – BZ Berlin

The German ice hockey team with five players from Berlin is looking forward to making its third appearance at the World Cup in Riga. Expect a surprise for Canada’s premier country – similar to a very special game three years ago.

The German national ice hockey team wants to stage a World Cup coup against Canada on White Monday (7.15 PM / Sport1). The two victories so far in Riga have increased self-confidence. “We are entering the game with a lot of anticipation. We don’t want to hide. We want to win the game, no doubt about that,” said chief defender Moritz Sider.

National team coach Tony Söderholm plays for his team exclusively in Riga (Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa)
What can national coach Tony Soderholm achieve with his team at the World Cup? (Archival photo) (Photo: Image Alliance / DPA)

Initial position: With six points, the German Ice Hockey Federation selection to qualify for the targeted quarter-finals is in full swing. The 9: 4 attacks against Italy and 5: 1 against Norway were nothing more than obligatory victories.

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Discount: The Canadians compete with a number of NHL players, but with an unknown team more than usual. “North Americans may have more question marks than usual,” said national team coach Tony Soderholm. In fact, the Canadians are already under a lot of pressure after just two games. After the opening match surprise losing to Latvia (0: 2), they also lost to the USA by 1: 5.

Lucas Rachel is still allowed to score goals for the polar bears this season.  Then he must succeed in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks (Image: City-Press GmbH)
Polar bear Lukas Reichel is only supposed to gain World Cup experience. But it also hits (Photo Archive) (Photo: City-Press GmbH)

Five poles poles: No team from DEL has more national players than Berlin. With Jonas Muller and Marcel Noibles, two players stood on ice in a dramatic 4-3 victory over Canada at the 2018 Olympic Games.

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Polar bear Jonas Muller in a duel with Dane Jessper Jensen (Photo: AFP)
Polar bear Jonas Mueller is an important player in the German defense system (archive photo) (Photo: AFP)

remind: It was amazing when Germany moved to the final at the 2018 Winter Games by defeating Canada 4: 3 in the Game of the Century and taking an Olympic silver medal. In Pyeongchang, unlike now in the World Cup, there were no NHL players. Germany’s last World Cup victory against Canada came in 1996 with Germany’s 5-1 victory in Vienna.

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What does Captain Moritz Muller say: “We can be very proud of the way we have done so far. We are a great team. We appreciate and love each other. I think that’s the key. Of course we want to beat Canada now.”

Point of view: Following the third preliminary round match on Tuesday is free for the Germans. Then on Wednesday he goes against Kazakhstan, which has so far surprised by two victories after penalties against Latvia and Finland.