Calmond whispers into the session: “Do you have a hearing defect?”

Women’s football quota is discussed on ARD Radio. There’s also: Rainer Callmond. He feels misunderstood — and runs!

Rainer Calmond opposes the women’s quota – and asks the mediator if she has a hearing impairment. – ARD

The basics in brief

  • The women’s share in the ARD studio is being discussed – it’s getting heated.
  • Rainer Callmond now doubts whether the medium is listening.

Heated discussions in the «Sportschau Talk» in ARD! With Lt. Col. Jesse Wilmer (42) Hei Rainer Calmond (73), former kicker Tapia Kimi (30) and sports journalist Gaby Papenburg (61) as guests. The latter is one of the founders of the “Football Can Do More” initiative, which aims to establish a quota for women in managerial positions in football.

So holding a calmond Absolutely nothing, which he also honestly explains. “We have seven million members in DFB, including one million women. How do I get 30 percent? From my point of view, it could be as high as 40 percent if it were better, but I don’t believe in quotas at all.”

Moderator Wilmer concludes, “This means that there are no good women, otherwise we may not need the quota.”

right Now IST Calli Really in temperature, it changes from you to you. Do you suffer from a hearing impairment? I said I know a lot, I’ll name them later! “

“For me, Q stands for quality – not share”

Former Leverkusen coach means Germany coach Martina Voss Tecklenburgwhich was previously in Swiss national team was active. “To me, Q stands for quality, not servings,” says Callmond. “I know enough women that I would like to wave them to positions of responsibility in football.”

But Callmond is back, too. Former Kicker Kim asks later on the show, “Is this a one-man show here? This isn’t live.”

Wilmer concludes the program with: “Thank you for the tour. It was also a kind of cultural exchange, I had a feeling.”

What do you think of the women’s quota?

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