June 23, 2024

Call of Duty: Mobile: Microsoft: Should be replaced by Warzone Mobile in the medium term

Call of Duty: Mobile also turned out to be a box office hit for Activision, but in the medium term, the mobile branch of the shooter series is likely to be replaced and disappear. At least that’s what a new statement from Microsoft suggests.

The UK’s FCA is also investigating the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft – during which the Redmond company has to comment in more detail on various topics so that antitrust authorities can direct the planned deal. This also highlighted an interesting message about the successful mobile shooter Call of Duty: Mobile.

If you believe Microsoft’s new words in a statement, the shooter for iOS and Android will be “phased out” in the medium term. Call of Duty fans who want to gamble on the go will then have to reorient themselves, because: the previous branch will be replaced by the new Warzone Mobile, which will be released later this year.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority said specifically on the matter: “CoD: Mobile (outside China) is expected to expire over time due to the release of Warzone Mobile.”

The statement leaves little room for interpretation regarding the future of Call of Duty: Mobile, though Microsoft does leave a specific point in time when the spin-off will no longer be supported. At the same time, Activision Blizzard itself has not yet commented on the matter and confirmed this fact.

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Warzone Mobile may be the next big hit of the shooter tag, however, with over 25 million pre-registrations for the game already.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 2: Heavy Metal Trailer

A new season of new game content has also been announced in Call of Duty: Mobile with “Heavy Metal”.