December 1, 2023

CALL - NEWS: Search and sensuality.  Does fashion contribute to science?

CALL – NEWS: Search and sensuality. Does fashion contribute to science?

Discussion by Wiener Zeitung and Saint Anna Children’s Cancer Research.

Art and science are seen as two opposing disciplines from which society expects to be completely different. In the “art4science” project, the Saint Anna Foundation for Children’s Cancer Research faces the challenge of integrating the polar opposites of art and science in order to convey research in a sensory way and convey it through the media.

The second discussion in the series is devoted to the topic “Research and Excitement. Does Fashion Contribute to Science?”. The debate revolves around whether and how collaborations between fashion design and medical research provide an opportunity to raise awareness of scientific topics that are rarely dealt with in everyday life. What role does fashion design play in society, what is the place of fashion and what makes the difference? The basic question is. Is there anything in common between science and fashion?

Delivery time: January 13, 2022, 19:00 – 20:15

Formula: Live broadcast From Belvedere 21:

greeting: Thomas the LionDirector of Laboratory Diagnostics Labdia, MD, St. Anna Molecular Geneticist, Children’s Cancer Research; Martin Fleischer, general manager of Wiener Zeitung.

Platform: Sabine Tachner MandelSt. Anna, molecular biologist for Children’s Cancer Research; Bella Borsodi, Photokunsts. Romana ZuchlingFERRARI ZÖCHLING, fashion designer and fashion label.

moderation: Judith Belfkih, deputy editor-in-chief of Wiener Zeitung

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