July 15, 2024

By heart: one of the pioneers of science

By heart: one of the pioneers of science

The history of women at ETH is a long story, says a press release. By Heart set for itself the mission to condense it and put it into a clear and simple formula. The team surrounding Art Director Julian Scheidegger uses language reminiscent of the fighting traditions of the women’s movement. By linking the well-known gender symbolism to the university’s initials, interpreting the symbol with a lot of color and dynamism, and finally putting it on paper in a wild poster style, the impression arose from a somewhat spontaneous and energetic group drawing, which we did everyone can share invitations.

Because this is all about ETH. The new app tour aims to mobilize us and invite us to visit the ETH Hönggerberg campus and download the app. “Science Is Female” accompanies visitors on their smartphones on an independent tour of the Hönggerberg campus and introduces the pioneering women of science: from the first student to today’s researchers.

The By Heart team worked with officials at ETH to develop a mix of measures related to the main image, which now makes the showing of the new tour known. This has resulted in posters, display banners, floor stickers, ads and digital advertising materials, which are now rolling out step-by-step.


ETH Zurich Officer: Roland Jaggi (overall project management), Jessica Bormann (project management, marketing and communication), Ralph Trossmann (Campus Experience group management); In Charge of Heart: Fernando Gort (project management), Marcus Bircher (strategy), Julian Scheidegger (technical direction), Nicole Stark (media design). (pd / cbe)

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