By boat or truck: more and more people dare to flee dangerously across the English Channel

More than 28,000 migrants arrived in the UK by boat via the English Channel last year. This is according to the latest figures published by the UK Home Office.

Accordingly, there were a total of 52,000 crossing attempts in 2021, of which 28,395 were successful – three times more than in the previous year. There were 36 dead – 27 of them at the end of November alone when a refugee boat capsized.

French authorities have also noticed a significant increase in attempts to cross the border by truck. A very dangerous project in which migrants try to jump into moving trucks and hide in the hope of entering the UK. A few days ago, a young man died after falling under the wheels of a truck.

Truck drivers face a fine of approximately 2,400 euros

Truck drivers face a fine of just under 2,400 euros if they are caught trying to smuggle people into the UK. Even if they didn’t know they were on their truck.

The handling of immigrants in the English Channel became a contentious issue between France and Great Britain. The British government accuses France of not doing enough to prevent people destined for Great Britain from crossing.

France, in turn, calls on London to cooperate. President Emmanuel Macron said his country would not allow the English Channel to become a cemetery.

A law is being prepared in Great Britain that aims, among other things, to facilitate the return of asylum seekers who have entered the country illegally.

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