December 6, 2023

BVB target?  Roman Bürki shares on Instagram and back in classes

BVB target? Roman Bürki shares on Instagram and back in classes

In the summer, Roman Berki moved from Borussia Dortmund to the American club St. Louis City. On Instagram, he now appears to be following his former club.


The basics in brief

  • Is Roman Berki still bitter about his ouster at Borussia Dortmund?
  • 31-year-old former goalkeeper Nati caused a stir with an Instagram post.
  • In it he appears to have shot his former employer.

Roman Burke’s era at Borussia Dortmund ended in the summer. The Swiss National Guard has been counted nine times in the BVB. After seven years in Dortmund, the 31-year-old moved to the USA for free.

Do you understand Roman Barki moving to the United States?

There, the Swiss is now among the positions in St. Louis City – in the MLS Next Pro youth league. From next season, the club will play in the NBA. Hence Barki should be number one.

But it is clear that the 31-year-old is not quite finished with his departure from Dortmund. At least that’s what the last Instagram post by the Swiss suggests. He shows himself laughing – but the comment sparked discussions.

“Then they said they were looking for someone better,” Burke writes of the photo. This leads to a lot of speculation in the comments. Is the Swiss chasing his former team here?

Is Barki calling a BVB on Instagram?

The speculation doesn’t leave Burke himself cold either, who feels compelled to comment. “Looks like some people misunderstood the caption under my last photo,” he wrote, including a laughing emoji.

“Believe it or not, there are other things in my life besides football,” Burke says. What he actually wanted to hint at with his position was left by the former Nati goalkeeper.

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