November 29, 2023

Buying a PS5 from OTTO: Will it finally drop after Easter?  late trader

Buying a PS5 from OTTO: Will it finally drop after Easter? late trader

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OTTO is one of the safest places to go for PS5. However, the replenishment has been delayed by weeks. What are the chances after Easter?

Update from 04/16/2022 09:59: There hasn’t been a drop here for nearly two months, although all the other major PS5 providers in Germany have already sold the PS5 – sometimes multiple times. OTTO doesn’t have to be long in coming as a permanent rejuvenating agent. So be sure to keep an eye on the retailer until after Easter.

Here you can find out how Sony’s coveted PlayStation 5 console goes public right now and just after Easter at other retailers: Buy PS5: Ticker on April 16th. – This is where the chances of getting supplies are the best

Update from 04/15/2022 09:01: Fans have had to do without the OTTO console drop over the past week. Before Easter, the previously trusted distributor was a favorite of PS5 supplies. However, the fans were disappointed. It is highly unlikely that the PlayStation 5 will go on sale via the OTTO counter over the Easter holiday. But the chances of a decline in the next week increase.

Update from 04/14/2022, 07:05: The most preferred online drop trader is and still is the OTTO retailer. There hasn’t been a PS5 drop in nearly two months, but OTTO is one of the largest and most important German PS5 providers and is a regular guarantor of supply.

Today is also Thursday and Thursday is OTTO day, you know. Because in the recent past, the dealer sold the PS5 most often on Thursdays. Furthermore, it appears that there has been background work on OTTO’s PS5 theme page for the past few nights. It doesn’t necessarily mean something, but it could be a sign. In short: As a precaution, keep an eye out for the OTTO today – especially between 9:00 and 10:30 AM and between 1:00 and 2:00 PM. There are no official indications, but it is entirely plausible that something could happen out there today.

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By the way, you can find an overview of the current state of PS5 supply here in our PS5 live bar: Buy PS5: Ticker on April 14th. – Supplies can come here before Easter

Also interesting – our PS5 availability analysis for the current week: PS5 buy: Availability before Easter – be sure to watch these retailers now

Update from Apr 13, 2022, 8:15 a.m.: OTTO is and still is the most promising candidate for renewal this Easter week – at least in terms of the online drop. In the scene, the trader has been trading as the most favourite for weeks.

Unfortunately, there were no new sales campaigns there in March, but as a regular guarantee of supply and one of the 4 largest suppliers in Germany, OTTO has never stopped for more than a month recently. Additionally, with Amazon, MediaMarkt, and Saturn, the other three PS5 sizes received supplies and sold out. OTTO should follow suit for the foreseeable future. So it’s not inconceivable that new PS5 consoles will finally be available for purchase there back in April.

Also interesting: According to some vigilant PS5 hunters, OTTO is working on a PS5 overview page for the second night in a row. It doesn’t necessarily mean something, but it’s also possible that something will happen there soon. In short: you should definitely keep an eye on OTTO today and tomorrow. It may be worth.

The original message from April 12, 2022: Hamburg – If you’re looking for a PS5 from Sony, you can’t avoid OTTO in Germany. After MediaMarkt, Saturn, and Amazon, the mail order company is the best place to go for consoles. There is usually a renewal once a month and the decline is currently delayed. Thousands of PS5s could be sold soon. We’ll let you know the current situation at the OTTO and when to expect supplies.

Buying PS5: Situation in the Time of OTTO – Decline Could Be Imminent

When was the last time the PS5 was here? The last consoles went on sale at OTTO on February 21st. That was over a month ago, and since then there has been a lot of speculation about the next drop. If for sale, you can find the PS5 via these links:

When can there be a supply again? Rumors about a drop in OTTO persist. There has been speculation about this for several weeks, because the PS5 appeared on all other major console providers during this time. It seems logical that OTTO will also have supplies and will sell the PS5 soon. However, this has been talked about for three weeks – nothing has happened yet.

Most of the drops are done at OTTO on Thursday mornings. However, there were also many waves of renewal on other days of the week. You should keep a close eye on the OTTO for the next few days until Easter. Renewal opportunities are currently the highest here – at least for the drop online.

PS5 buy: OTTO is still particularly hot – situation on April 12th.

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Buying a PS5: Tips for buying a console from OTTO

How to increase your chances of getting a controller: The drips are usually done in OTTO without prior notice. Just a few minutes before it starts, changes are noticed in the store that indicate provisioning. Create a customer account in advance, as this will make the payment processing faster and you can get the PS5 more effectively.

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Other than that, you should keep an eye on our live tape about the PS5 status, as we will inform you of every drop in OTTO and all other relevant PS5 distributors in German speaking countries.

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