June 21, 2024

Business/Science: Soap-bubble suns and rusty roses: Adler’s colorful surprises in the long night of searching

Color is color, varnish is varnish: only those who have not been around for the long night of searching can believe it! At the ADLER booth, a colorful team demonstrated what painted surfaces can do – and visitors of all ages couldn’t help but be amazed.

black red). “Let yourself be surprised” could have been the soundtrack to an ADLER performance. But he would have been lost in the noise of voices and the hustle and bustle of people anyway. From after 5pm until 10:30pm, there was a lot of activity on the ADLER stand at the Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine (CCB) in Innsbruck. The emergence of the leading paint factory in Austria in The Long Night of Searching on May 24, 2024 This was once again a highlight for all amateur researchers and discoverers of innovation in Tyrol.

Rust, bubble, light

Thousands of visitors, from young children to the elderly, enthusiastically immersed themselves in the world of colors and varnishes, accompanied by the ADLER staff. Or dip the brush in an oxidation solution to conjure a truly gorgeous rust pattern on a real, magnetic metal surface. Or hold a piece of paper over boiling “colour volcanoes” to see that you can draw with soap bubbles! The others managed to live out their pyromaniac streak, grabbing a Bunsen burner and discovering to their amazement: there is no chance of a fire attack on wood panels coated with ADLER pyrolan fire protection! Foam is formed that extinguishes the flames, thus significantly slowing the fire and limiting its spread.
Electricity in wood

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Many visitors delved into the issue of coatings in intense and in-depth technical discussions with the five ADLER platform moderators, all employees from the R&D laboratories of the Tyrolean paint manufacturer: for example, it was the question of how microelectronics could be embedded in wood or how Recycling of painted components. Topics that also received great interest among the gathered political and academic celebrities: During their tour with the Head of the Research and Development Department at ADLER Dr. Albert Rösler, State Councilor Cornelia Hagel and his partners did not miss a wonderful stop at ADLER.

Adler Lucky District Award

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