Burger King is based on vegetarians in Austria

WIf he wants to eat healthily, he can now do so at Burger King. After London, the company wants to bring vegan food closer to the public at Vienna’s Westbahnhof. For the first time, the popular fast food of the American chain is prepared exclusively from vegetable products, which means that there are new options for vegetarians and vegans. This became possible thanks to the vegetable products of the brand The Vegetable Butcher. “Delivering the same quality based on all-vegetarian products is a milestone in the development of our meat-free offering for people with a conscious lifestyle,” said Jan-Christoph Koster, Marketing Director of TQSR Group, the brand’s main Austrian franchisee, on the occasion of opening week. Newly opened, the same variety of products are offered as in all other locations – only vegan.

Meat-free products have become an integral part of the range offered by the fast food giants, although vegetarian dishes are at the fore and not a general abandonment of animal food ingredients. The fact that Burger King now wants to score points in Austria with a vegan offer after its UK launch fits with the growing focus on healthy food in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. According to surveys, nearly two-thirds of consumers are increasingly turning to organic products on the shelves since the outbreak of the pandemic. The majority of the population would be willing to pay higher prices for meat if that would ensure better production conditions and animal welfare.

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