October 5, 2023

Burak Almas is the new president of Galatasaray

Burak Almas is the new president of Galatasaray

Galatasaray has a new coach for the club! Former board member Burak Elmas won the 102nd presidential election at the prestigious Galatasaray Grammar School. The club’s son-in-law Faruk Soren left other candidates Esrif Hamcioglu (1500), Metin Ozturk (893), Wigit Sardan (682) and Ibrahim Ozdemir (92) behind with 1,541 votes. 4731 votes were counted. With a total of 30 ballot boxes, it was a head-to-head race between Esref Hamamcioglu and Burak Elmas for a long time. Especially the older members of the association gave Hamamcioglu their votes. Accordingly, Hamamcioglu was ahead by the nose until the 27th ballot box was counted. After that, Elmas gained the support of Galatasaray youth members in the last three jars and was able to achieve the electoral victory by a margin of 41 votes. In the end, the two hopefuls shook hands, hugged the brothers and went up together at Tevfik-Fikret-Saal.

Burak Elmas: We will keep all our promises!

The 47-year-old, who is also the youngest coach in the club’s history, thanked the general meeting with the following statements: “This election is consistent with the basic principles of Galatasaray democracy. After all, this is what defines our connection. Accordingly, we are aware of all our promises. that we made. That is why we will start work as soon as possible.” First of all, the coach’s question will be clarified and conversations with Fatih Terim will begin. Before the elections, Elmas stressed several times his desire to continue working with Tarim. “Galatasaray is our family. Thus, all our followers can rest assured. The internal division in the club should not exist anymore,” Elmas said. “Even if a board of directors can win the elections today,” the 47-year-old continues. No one will lose. We will work to ensure reconciliation and unification of all camps within the club.”

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Short photo: Who is Buraq Al-Mas?

Burak Elmas was born in Istanbul in 1974. After graduating from high school in Istanbul, Austria, he studied Marketing and Finance at the University of Denver in the United States. Elmas then started his career in a distribution company and held several positions on the board of directors of his family company. Since 2008 he has been appointed CEO of “Godiva Invest”. At the same time he was working as a board member in “Yildiz Holdung”. During his career, the successful businessman lived in Japan, England, USA and China. He is currently working as an investor for three international companies between the UK and Turkey.

At the age of 23 he took first place on the board of directors of “Löwen” as responsible for the junior team. He then served as a board member in 1998, 2000 and 2002. He also worked for the club’s Sportif AS in 2018. In light of this, Elmas has a certain amount of prior experience.

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