December 3, 2023

Browser fake store detector

Browser fake store detector

fake store detector

If the extension displays this warning immediately, it is a result from the fakeshop database. Photo:

(Photo: dpa)

The developer is the Austrian Institute for Applied Communications But hand in hand: no one can excuse themselves from not checking all the points at the end or not succumbing to the bargain rage. So there is now a practical one Browser ExtensionIt does all the scanning work in the background: Fake Shop Detector.

The developer is the Austrian Institute for Applied Communication (ÖIAT), a publicly funded association, which has been committed to the efficient, safe and responsible use of digital media.

Two-stage protection when shopping online

The functionality of the extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Edge browser is designed in two stages. On the other hand, the summoned internet addresses are compared against a curated database of well-known fake stores and also trustworthy ones from German-speaking countries. If the extension already exists, the browser will not even open the page, but immediately displays a warning that it is better not to “shop” there.

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If it’s not clear, the second stage kicks in: with the help of an AI model, the extension checks the site based on thousands of features in real time, so you can rate the store in terms of its similarity to fake stores. The shopping guardian angel displays the test result with the risk assessment in the colors of the traffic lights next to the address line.

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The app is still in beta phase

ATTENTION: If the visited page is not an online store, you should ignore the risk offer of the extension. Because currently there is no difference between simple websites and online stores. Another development that turns this off is in progress. Anyway, if something doesn’t work right away with Fake Shop Detector, it may be because the extension is still in the beta stage of its development.

ÖIAT assures that the extension will be as data-saving as possible and natural GDPR compliant Works. In addition to its IP address and plug-in ID, which is randomly generated when installing the extension, no other personal data is logged when querying the server. The latter will be reduced to the minimum necessary anyway, because a large number of known risk assessments are accessed both offline and locally directly from the browser cache.

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