July 14, 2024

Brits have to buy bikes to travel home after the party in Amsterdam

Brits have to buy bikes to travel home after the party in Amsterdam

14 Britons are having a bachelor party in Amsterdam when their return flight has been cancelled. The 370-kilometre journey back home became a challenge.

The basics in brief

  • For 14 Britons, their bachelorette party in Amsterdam isn’t going as planned.
  • When their flight is cancelled, they have to travel 370 kilometers in other ways.

A group of young Brits are experiencing a bachelor party they may not soon forget: when their return flight from Amsterdam is canceled after a party trip, they have to travel the 370 kilometers to Dover in a different way. Among other things, by bike.

“I didn’t feel the fun at the time,” groom Alex Cesan told The Mirror. “But I had two of the best days of my life with my 13 friends.”

When the group of 14 learned that the flight had been cancelled, they realized that options for returning home were limited. They decide to take the train first via Brussels to Lille in France and then to Calais. From there it is supposed to take the ferry to Great Britain.

The journey home becomes a challenge

The problem with this: pedestrians aren’t allowed on the ferry – but bikes are. So, the group spent the entire afternoon trying to find four bikes in Brussels and Lille. They run to stores, ask locals and search Facebook.

They finally managed to buy 13 bikes for 1500 francs. Then, however, the next challenge arises. The only train that will get you from Lille to Calais on time accepts only folding bikes. So you have to take taxis to the port.

Have you ever been affected by a flight cancellation?

Arriving in Calais, the fourteenth member of the group persuades a young couple to drive him. They all arrived in Dover, UK, just 12 hours after their flight was cancelled.

“It was so much fun,” continues 29-year-old Sisan. “I will tell this wonderful story at the wedding and hopefully also to my children – and their children.”

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