December 2, 2023

Briton in court for volcano selfie

Briton in court for volcano selfie

A group of Englishmen put themselves in great danger at La Palma. Everything to take a few selfies from the lava. Now they face severe penalties.

The basics in brief

  • A tour group from England vacationed in La Palma during the eruption of the volcano.
  • The sight of nature gave her stupid thoughts. They took a few selfies of the lava.
  • Now bold Britons may have to respond in court.

Four Englishmen were on the Spanish island of La Palma, When the volcano erupted. Instead of making it to safety, they take the opportunity to take some “hot” selfies. Therefore, the British must now anticipate the consequences.

instead of As did the islandersTo reach safety, they approached lava flows. Everything to take the coolest selfies possible. However, during their photo session, they were captured by the Spanish army.

According to information from “”, the intrepid tourists are now threatened with a lawsuit. Looks like they told the military that they have one Dog rescue mission want to share.

The authorities must now clarify whether the information provided by the British is correct. Vulcan protesters face the conviction of disobedience. Lava selfies can be expensive.

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