February 28, 2024

British Home Secretary misbehaves in House of Commons


Updated on November 24, 2023 at 5:50 am

As soon as James smartly moves to the Home Office, the new minister is in trouble. Does it pick up where its predecessor left off?

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Did the new British Home Secretary James cleverly insult a seat in the House of Commons as “sithole” – or insult another member of parliament as “City MP”? The conservative politician apologized Thursday for using “unparliamentary language” at a meeting earlier in the day, the PA news agency reported. A source close to Wise said: “James made a point. He called Alex Cunningham a shit MP.”

Cunningham from the opposition Labor Party was Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He asked why 34 per cent of children in his Stockton constituency in north-east England live in poverty. A few muttered words, including “shit,” were heard over the parliamentary microphone before Sunak responded. Cunningham accused the minister of saying: “…because it’s a ‘sithole'”.

Ben Houchen, the Conservative mayor of the Teesside region, which includes Stockton, was heavily critical of his party colleague. He demanded a discreet apology for dragging the name of the place through the mud.

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Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has returned to the government as Foreign Secretary. As part of a cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has replaced controversial former Home Secretary Suella Braverman who was sacked. Former chief diplomat James Wise will be the new head of the Home Department.

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The British Home Secretary is cleverly annoyed by the “sithole” report

She has been home secretary for only a few days after replacing her predecessor Suella Braverman, who was brilliantly fired by Prime Minister Sunak. He was previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The post was taken over by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Braverman often provoked people with his statements. It has caused many heated debates recently. Among other things, he accused the police of being blind in the left eye and tolerating law-breaking by pro-Palestinian demonstrators. As Sunak’s spokesman confirmed, he made his allegations in a guest article in the “Times” newspaper, not in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office.

He also attracted attention for his right-wing populist statements. He once described his dream of seeing a plane carrying asylum seekers take off for Rwanda. So his dismissal was already expected.

Is Wise now picking up where Braverman left off? If the new home secretary has to resign soon, the air of Sunak at the top of the government will probably become rare. (dpa/the)

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