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British citizen arrested in Germany – RT DE

British citizen arrested in Germany – RT DE

August 11. 2021 10:33

Federal prosecutors arrested an employee of the British Embassy in Berlin. He is accused of “acting as an agent in the Secret Intelligence Service”. He is said to have obtained official documents from a Russian intelligence service in exchange for money.

A British citizen was arrested in Potsdam on Tuesday on suspicion of spying for Russia. The federal prosecutor announced on Wednesday. His home and workplace were looted.

He is accused of spying for Russia since at least November last year. Until his arrest, the accused was working as a local employee at the British Embassy in Berlin.

According to the prosecutor’s office, he reportedly passed official documents to a representative of a Russian secret service at least once. A letter from the authority states the following:

“On at least one occasion, he sent documents obtained in the course of his professional activity to a representative of the Russian intelligence service.”

In exchange for his information, he received money. The prosecution did not explain how high the alleged payments were.

The arrest came as a result of joint investigations conducted by the German and British authorities, as stated in one of them Message. British citizen David S. Yesterday (August 10). It is scheduled to be presented to the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice during the day.

According to her own statements, the Russian Embassy in Germany does not have any official information yet. The diplomatic mission did not comment on any media reports in this context.

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