July 15, 2024

British bank Barclays suspends payments

British bank Barclays suspends payments

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is facing more and more problems. British bank Barclays has informed its customers that they will no longer make payments there. There appears to be more than just a temporary security measure behind this.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is becoming more and more white-collar. Meanwhile, several regulatory authorities around the world have announced that the company does not have an official license to trade in crypto-assets – the ban is threatening. And now the main British bank, Barclays, is turning away from itself. It has informed its clients that it will no longer allow payments to be made to Binance.

As of July 4, Barclays intends to stop making credit and debit card payments to Binance. However, this action does not affect the ability of customers to withdraw funds from Binance

According to an email from the company to the crypto portal CoinDesk Present. Individual reports from users last week already reported this move. There were quite a few on Twitter From the common newsBarclays customers obtained from their bank.

Since you made a payment to Binance this year, we wanted to let you know that we will be stopping credit/debit card payments there until further notice. We do this to keep your money safe

, So the formulation of such a message. Among the posts of Barclays clients who were notified, several Twitter users reacted with frustration and aggressiveness.

Barclays directs customers to the FCA website

The bank has already responded to the flood of negative comments. The Bank’s social media pages are linked to the . website Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from the UK for “more information on Binance and investing in crypto assets in general.” Not long ago, the FCA announced that Binance would not be allowed to conduct regulated activities in the UK. Other authorities on other continents, including Japan and Canada, have issued similar warnings in the past few weeks. In Thailand, Binance has been threatened with criminal consequences.

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But not only Barclays, other British banks have switched to some kind of safety mode when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. According to media reports Also, banks such as Monzo and Starling have banned their clients from transferring funds to cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance and SwissBorg. These clients also express their dissatisfaction and feel cared for.

Does anyone know that the bank I can switch to is not behaving like a big brother to me?

According to a SwissBorg customer, referring to the grim reality of George Orwell 1984. The internet-only bank Starling even went so far as to suspend all payments to cryptocurrency exchanges after claiming that such a transaction was a “high level of suspicion of financial crime.”