July 16, 2024

British army salutes him with a firearm

British army salutes him with a firearm

41 rounds in 40 minutes

Great Britain mourns the loss of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II (94). The 99-year-old died last Friday in Windsor Castle. On Saturday, the British army paid tribute to a member of the royal family. From 1 pm (German time), the guns fired 41 rounds across Great Britain over a period of 40 minutes. The shots were fired in London, Edinburgh and Belfast, among others, as well as by warships of the Royal Navy.

The Queen’s husband was a nice place to the army. He trained at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and held various military ranks: Lord Admiral, Admiral of the Royal Navy Fleet, Field Marshal (Field Marshal, Major General) in the British Army (Ground Forces) and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. He was especially proud of the last title, taking his pilot’s license himself.

After becoming known of his death, the Chief of General Staff of the British Army said in a statement about the ancient warrior: “He will be remembered as a dynamic, energetic and charismatic leader who generously gave his time and advice. We deeply regret him. Death but we will remember him with respect, appreciation and gratitude in the name of the army”.

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