December 10, 2023

Britain should take a comprehensive and objective view of China's development path and system

Britain should take a comprehensive and objective view of China’s development path and system

China regards relations with Britain as strategic and long-term, and hopes the British side will fully and objectively respect the facts and take into account China’s development path and system. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized this on Friday in his phone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

China welcomes the fact that British companies are exporting more high-quality products to China, and the country is expanding cooperation with China in medicine, health, environmental development, digital economy as well as in the financial sector and innovation, Xi said. China also hopes that the UK will treat Chinese companies fairly, equitably and non-discriminatory, as China has also been willing to encourage the activities of British companies.

In addition, the Chinese president touched on the climate issue in his phone call with the British Prime Minister. China has announced its targets for maximum carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, and has put in place a number of specific measures. The People’s Republic of China’s determination to accelerate green and low-carbon development is unwavering and always translates words into action.

Xi Jinping also made it clear that the COVID-19 epidemic is currently still fluctuating and the global economy is only slowly recovering. Against this background, both opportunities and challenges can be seen in the relations between China and Great Britain. To this end, the two sides should maintain timely communication and work intensively together in order to contribute to the victory over the epidemic as soon as possible, and to master global management, development and prosperity, as suggested by the Chinese president. 2022 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Great Britain at the ambassadorial level. Xi Jinping said the two countries should seize opportunities, meet challenges, and work together to promote the smooth and long-term course of bilateral relations on the right track.

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Boris Johnson said over the phone that he attaches great importance to relations with China. Both countries will have consensus and common interests on many important issues such as global public health, global economic recovery, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the fight against terrorism. Both sides need more open dialogue and more cooperation. In a telephone conversation with Xi Jinping, Boris Johnson said that the British side wants to strive to strengthen bilateral relations with China.