Britain: Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon: An emotional farewell |

England Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon: An emotional farewell

Outgoing Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon during her final Question Time in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Photograph

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For eight years, Nicola Sturgeon led government affairs in Edinburgh – the first woman to hold that position. Now his “prime minister” period is over.

With emotional words and thunderous applause, Scotland’s outgoing Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon bid farewell to the regional parliament. “Words will never express the gratitude and awe in my heart for the opportunity to serve as your first minister,” Sturgeon said on Thursday. The office is “the privilege of my life”. After eight years – longer than anyone before her – the 52-year-old said it was time to step aside in Edinburgh.

Sturgeon is considered the face of the independence movement. She was the first woman to hold Britain’s highest government post. He surprisingly announced his resignation in mid-February. His Scottish National Party (SNP) plans to announce a successor on Monday. The candidates are Treasury Secretary Kate Forbes, Health Secretary Hamza Youssef and former Cabinet member Ash Regan. The new party leader will also become the first minister. Sturgeon then intends to continue to sit in the regional parliament as an ordinary member of parliament.

He made mistakes during his tenure, Sturgeon acknowledged. “There are definitely things I would have liked to have done better or differently. But overall I’m proud of what I’ve achieved,” he said. Political opponents also paid tribute to Sturgeon, who broke down in tears.


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