March 3, 2024


Brexit: the EU absorbs the UK in food trade

Food from England or Wales shipped to Northern Ireland no longer needs strict control. According to, the EU is offering the UK a relief in the Northern Ireland Protocol, which aims to reduce administrative burdens by 80%.

sausages and more Processed Meat Products It may be traded back across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland. If a truck is transporting different types of food to the northern part of the Emerald Island, one certificate should be enough for a full load in the future.

Thus, the EU is housing the government in London, which suspends mandatory checks anyway and continues to complain about vacancies in grocery stores in Northern Ireland. However, the UK government has not yet been satisfied with the EU’s offer.

For the minister in charge, David Frost, concessions on the sensitive issue of Northern Ireland are not enough. The minister also dismissed the European Court of Justice as the highest authority in disputes over the Northern Ireland protocol, according to

This, in turn, is a far-fetched requirement for the European Union. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, the EU-UK trade agreement will be shaken. In the worst case, tariffs could then be set again for agricultural and food trade with the EU.

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