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A gaming experience similar to “Hearthstone” or “Magic – The Gathering” without having to purchase additional card packs. This is how “Grumpy Owl Games” describes “Untamed – Feral Factions” in their explanations for the game. It was this promise that drew our attention to the small group of papers. Everything you need to play in one box, with potential to combine indie game boxes in the future? Let’s take a closer look at whether and how this might work.

The game has been provided to us for free. This has no effect on the rating!

That’s what the game is about!

Untamed – Feral Factions is basically a shuffle game. Unlike building a deck, current and full decks of cards are shuffled together to create a cohesive deck. Similar to Smash Up! Playgroup will have a choice of factions to mix and match as they like. These factions bring all the subtleties and details to the game, allowing for a wide variety of combinations.

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The normal game is played by two people in “Untamed – Feral Factions”, but it can also be expanded to three people if needed, as a game mode designed specifically for this purpose needs to be played here. The objective of the game is to use your creatures to destroy the large fortresses of the opposing factions and be the last faction to win.

Similar to “Magic – The Gathering”, the cards in question cost a resource that is only spent temporarily (i.e. “tapped”) when a card is played and can be used again on the next turn. But what’s different is that all hand cards can become a resource by placing them face down in the designated area. Although they lose all of their usual card effects and can no longer play later in the game as a normal hand card, they power up their faction.

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Another resource is the discarded cards in the game. If a card is defeated in combat during the course of the game, it does not go directly to the discard pile, but instead provides a “backup” for the other card’s effects first. This allows a certain amount of “support” to be applied (and discarded) to make the card’s effects more powerful or to trigger them.

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Strongholds that must be destroyed also have special abilities that can be activated during your turn. Here strategic decisions can be made at the beginning of the game, which of the forts should be active when and when your party will benefit the most from these abilities.

In order to increase the replay value, our version (Collector’s Edition) comes with a small mini expansion containing a few new or stronger base cards to give the game more variety. Special game modes and types are also described in the rules, even if sometimes a second version of the game is required here.

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