July 16, 2024

Breakthrough at the US Climate Summit: The evolution of climate protection is a pull that no one can escape from – politics

Breakthrough at the US Climate Summit: The evolution of climate protection is a pull that no one can escape from – politics

If another clue is needed – it is now here! Climate protection has become the dominant issue in politics, internationally as well. The United States is successfully using its soft power to attract others.

On the first day of US President Joe Biden’s climate summit yesterday, a turning point has been reached: The major economies of the United States, Japan and Canada will provide much more carbon dioxide to climate change in the next 10 years than they have been previously. promise.

A proud China, which does not like to rush, wants to reduce coal use after 2025. It is now clear: emissions will drop, new jobs will rise and green growth.

Even climate evil and the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, are on board. Like many today, he promises his country will be climate neutral by 2050. But that’s a problem, because promises like these are cheap, as the Friday for Future activists rightly complain.

Unfortunately, promoting fossil fuels from tax revenues is still permitted

Europe can be proud of the fact that it was the first continent to set a climate neutrality goal by 2050. But it must also be backed by credible measures over the next few years. Otherwise, the goal cannot be achieved.
Unfortunately, the truth is that not all new commitments are sufficient to stay below the 1.5-point maximum level of global warming.

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Even the European Union hasn’t done everything necessary with its recently adopted climate law. Promotion of fossil energies from tax revenues, for example, is still permitted. But how much has happened since the 1.5-point goal was included in the Paris agreement at the last minute and against all odds.

Climate protection She is now developing a force of attraction that will get stronger and stronger and lead to an all-around transformation. It is politically interesting that this change is increasingly linked to the larger question of social justice.

For climate activists, the two go hand in hand anyway. There is great hope in tackling environmental problems, climate protection and social balance together. It won’t be easy, but it gets started.